What to Know About Moving Truck Rentals

Truck Rentals is one of the most popular choices for movers and relocating professionals. Truck rentals make moving or relocating to a new home and office easy, since the equipment needed for a move will be provided to the owner of the truck. In fact, most people will rent a moving truck when they move because of the convenience and cost saving that it offers.

Moving Truck

Budget Truck Rental Company, LLC, is the biggest truck rental business in the entire continental United States, with over 2,600 locations and approximately 32,000 moving trucks nationwide. Budget Truck Rental is operated and owned by Avis Budgeting Group, which is a spin-off from Cendant International. Avis Budgeting Group makes it easy for truck rental companies to get their trucks and trailer in and out of hundreds of locations every year. The company has an in-house fleet maintenance department and an onsite truck mechanic. Budget Trucks also has a very popular “moving day” program for customers that allows them to drive the trucks during the day on a special move day, so that they can return them to the rental location at night for pickup by the customer’s personal movers from Avis.

Budget Trucks has been renting moving trucks for several years now and has gained a reputation as a trusted name in truck rental companies. The company has locations in all parts of the country and is committed to helping their customers get the best moving services possible. They offer several different types of equipment for rent that include forklifts, flatbed trucks, and other moving equipment.

Budget trucks are available at a variety of price points. The standard price range is around $1500. Most companies have some type of lease option that allows for a percentage of the total price of the truck rental to be paid up front. The company has a free customer service line and their toll-free customer service number, along with a toll free fax number, if customers need help with rental questions.

Most moving truck rental companies will allow customers to make initial reservations, and a majority of these companies even allow customers to make advance reservations for future reservations, should they choose to do so. Some companies require a small down payment while others do not. The companies that do require an up front down payment generally have a lower monthly rate because they will be collecting a percentage of the total cost of the truck rental in order to cover costs that have already been incurred by the customer service representatives.

There are other moving companies that require no deposit for reservations and a refund if the reservation is canceled prior to arrival. Some companies will require that customers pay a fee for their first rental but will waive the deposit if the customer cancels prior to the first move. There are moving truck rental companies that will not charge a refund if a reservation is canceled, but will charge a late fee if the customer cancels after the date of delivery. Some moving companies have no policy on late fees, but do require that the vehicle be returned or delivered back within twenty-four hours of cancellation.

Before a company rents a moving truck, they will contact the customer and provide the required information for a quote. The quote can be based on weight and length of time it will take for the truck to be moved, but some companies do offer other rates based on the size and distance to be moved. The company will then prepare an estimate for the transportation of the truck and trailer and provide detailed pictures to show how the truck will look when the actual relocation is complete. Most companies provide a map with measurements and a copy of the lease agreement between the client moving truck rental company, or with the actual agreement, if the client has one.

Some of the moving truck rental companies also include insurance, should the vehicle be damaged or stolen during transport. Many companies will provide storage if necessary, but in many cases, the customer will have to arrange for storage on his own. The companies that charge a deposit may charge extra if the client fails to pick up his truck or trailer at the scheduled time.

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