How to Unlock Locked Car Doors – Simple Tips to Get Access

It is a common question that many people ask, how to unlock locked car doors. The answer to this is easy, just get the key from the ignition of your car and you can enter the keys code by hand or you can call up a locksmith who can open it for you.

unlock locked car

If you want to get access to the key of your car you can ask a locksmith to open it, but there are many people who feel like calling a locksmith is a bit too much hassle. So if you want to know how to unlock locked car doors, just follow these simple tips:

o Check the keys You need to check whether the lock of your car is really locked with the key or not. If it is locked you should try to use a small flat-edged screwdriver to unscrew the key-hole cover and then look for a spring underneath the door handle. If you see this you should easily be able to get to the key in your hand and you can then open it.

o Check the door knob A car’s door knob should have a plastic seal around it so that no one can force it open. If you find a plastic seal, it means that it is impossible to open the door by using a regular door knob. Now all you need to do is pull back the plastic cover of the door knob so that you can see the plastic seal. If there is any metal in the way then you will need to get another key so that you can try again.

o Check the bolt on the door lock Some car manufacturers use a magnetic locking mechanism to attach their doors locks to the door locks of the vehicle. If the bolt on the door lock is broken then you can find a replacement bolt from the nearest automotive hardware store. All you need to do is apply some tape to the bolt hole and push the replacement bolt inside.

If you do not have enough money to hire a locksmith, then the best way to learn how to unlock locked car doors is by yourself. Just make sure that you have a strong key that is not made of metal so that you can break through all the locks in the car. If you are lucky enough to have such a key, you can open your car without having to worry about the damage done to it.

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