3D Photo Crystal

The term “photorealistic” brings to mind images of the digital photography being used for film photos; however, with the use of 3D photo crystal the possibilities are endless. “Realistic crystal” is an overused term for photos in which the object and subject look real but do not really exist in reality. The term “photorealistic” is very misleading as the term does not necessarily apply to real photographs. Many people use “photorealistic” as a description of “crisp” and clear images. It does not always mean the object or subject is real.

A “photorealistic” photo is one in which the subject and object actually exist in the virtual world created with a 3D photo crystal. Real photographs are photos where the object is actually present in the photograph. A photo cannot be called “photorealistic” unless the object in the photo has a definite shape and size. If an object has no size, shape, or definition it is not an object. The object cannot be a subject because it would be there only to provide a background. It is impossible to take a photo with a subject and background at the same time; therefore a photo cannot be described as being “photorealistic.”

Real photographs can be made with the help of 3D photo crystal. A crystal photo allows a photographer to recreate the subject, shape, size, and position of the object in the photo. This is done by inserting the photo crystal on to the surface of the object in the photograph. The object can then be manipulated by moving the crystal around on the surface. In other words the object can be viewed from a different perspective than the photographer. Because of this manipulation of a photograph can be made that actually looks like it was taken on the actual subject.

Another way a photo crystal can be used is by a wedding photographer. A photo crystal can be inserted into a photograph or can be used as a background. It makes it easy for the wedding photographer to manipulate a backdrop so that it creates a visual illusion of distance between two objects in the photo. This can make a dramatic difference in the way the subject appears in a photograph. or can create a soft background that does not have depth.

Real photos can also be made with a photo crystal on to create a virtual world. Virtual worlds can be created by making use of a photograph of the bride and groom along with the wedding dress. By manipulating the dress so that it appears to be floating in mid-air the bride and groom appear to be walking in the air. There are many ways in which the bride and groom can be moved around by a crystal photo. It can be positioned to give them a slight curve or to show the whole sky with the bride and groom standing on clouds.

It is possible to create a photo crystal photo by using different types of subjects. For example you can use a bride and groom as a flower, the bride and groom as a tree or as a river and the bride and groom as a mountain. You can take a photograph of two people and have them as an abstract pattern or the bride and groom as a picture of an animal. A photo crystal can be used to create the illusion of a landscape.

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